The modern-day workplace markedly impacts family dynamics and family structure

The modern-day workplace markedly impacts family dynamics and family structure. We may also argue that changes in family structure have necessitated changes in workplace organization and policy. In this assignment, you will analyze the impact that work has had upon family and explore alternative workplace models that might enable high productivity and also better achieve work-life balance. To this aim, you will propose a design for the workplace that accommodates the challenges faced by so many working Americans and compare American family leave policies with those of another nation.
Write a 500word in APA format, addressing the following:
Our reading material argues that today’s professionals work more hours than ever before. This is especially the case in the United States. What do you think are some of the major reasons that professionals work so many more hours today than in the past?
Based upon our reading and video content or any outside sources that you wish to use, explain what you think are the three most significant challenges for working parents who wish to attain a balance between family obligations and work obligations. For example, are these challenges related to commuting, childcare, distance from home and work, technology, or some other factor? Explain in detail.
Next, based upon your own independent research, to what extent do you think that telecommuting, or working from home, can alleviate these concerns? Be sure to provide thoughtful information that compares the productivity of workers who work from home versus those who commute to work.
Imagine you are in a workplace that has specifically changed its policies for worker advancement in order to better accommodate working parents. Outline what you think three of these policies would be, and why. For example, would this new policy focus less on total hours worked and more upon whether or not a given task was completed? Explain in detail.
Finally, after doing your own independent research, compare the family leave policies between the United States and at least one other nation. Can the American system learn anything from its international counterpart? Why or why not?

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