The movie ‘Hidden Figures’

1.What single stories are the three main female characters fighting against? Provide examples for each of the three main characters Catherine, Dorothy, and Mary. How are they fighting against traditional gender roles? What does each character do in order to excel in their respective fields? 2. When did you notice other people standing up for Dorothy, Katherine, and Mary? Why was it important for them to have male allies (supporters) and white allies? 3.How has the experience of women and people of color working in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) changed since the 1960s? What kinds of jobs do you think were usually available to women then? Was it the same for white women and women of color? 4. Why do you think it took until 2017 for Hidden Figures to come out when these women were working for NASA in the 1960s? Are women still fighting a similar fight today or have women been granted their equal rights today?




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