The multimodal texts

Compose two parts: a multimodal text AND an essay. The multimodal text is the visual representation through which you demonstrate how you make use of different modes (written languages,
images, symbols, spaces etc.) to rhetorically appeal to the readers. Also, you’ll write a one-page essay to introduce the purpose, thesis statement, and how you apply rhetorical appeals.
Use separate pages for different parts of the composition: the multimodal text on page 1, the essay on page 2,
and reference on page 3;
The essay needs to follow MLA/APA format in 12 font size, New Times Roman, and double space. One full
page (NOT half page or even shorter)
You are welcome use the photos taken by yourself. But if you are using the image from other sources, you
should cite accurately and properly.
Post your multimodal text (not the essay) on Padlet to share with the entire class: (sign your name for grading purposes)

Sample Solution