The National Vital Statistics System (NVSS)

Q#1. Visit the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) at Take time
carefully explore the website and study about 1) the types of vital records collected by NVSS (see the screencapture
below); 2) how each of vital records are collected; and 3) how these vital records are used/applied to better
the health of the population. Summarize and explain what you have learned across 1) – 3) and provide along
relevant examples supporting your answers (1.0 pt; the minimum word count expected: 350 words).
Q#2. Visit the following website ( where you can
the interactive map and obtain general vital statistics for each state. Choose any of three States and complete
following tables – Do not forget to include the ‘unit (e.g., per 1000)’ of each measure in your answer. (0.8 pt).
Name the three states you compare
Health Indicators State 1: State
2: State
3;Fertility rate
Teen birth rate
Infant mortality rate
Marriage rate
Divorce rate
Leading cause of death
Drug overdose death rate
Firearm death rate
Homicide rate
Assignment #4
Q#3. In the table above, choose TWO health indicators you want to compare between the States and describe
comparisons & explain two to three possible factors (e.g., reasons) that may attribute to the differences
between the
States. You are strongly encouraged search for the relevant resources (e.g., news media, scientific journal
supporting your answers (make sure that you provide a proper citation of the resources). (1.0 pt – the minimum
expected word count: 400 words)
Q#4. Visit the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS;
Explore the
menu and summarize the information provided for the following three sections in your own words (1.2 pts):
1) “Defending America from Health Threats” (the minimum expected word count: 200 words)
2) “History of Surveillance Case Definition” (the minimum expected word count: 200 words)
3) “Data Collection and Reporting” – (the minimum expected
count: 300 words)
Q#5. In the NNDSS website, visit “Surveillance Case Definitions”
( Choose any of TWO Infectious diseases or Noninfectious
conditions you are interested in and careful review the most recent case definitions for each disease.
Summarize the information provided in your own words (1.0 pt; the minimum expected word count: 300 words)

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