The new landscape of crypto currencies in India.

This is a business proposal to an investor and it should be about introducing a regulated crypto current exchange in India.

  1. It should start with discussing the major global crypto markets and currencies. Few major exchanges include Binance, upbit, bitrex etc.
  2. The current indian scenario respect to crypto currency and the recent supreme court judgement on how crypto can be used as form of payment for goods and services.
  3. talk about how there are no regulated crypto exchange playing at the moment in india and introducing a crypto exchange can give a first player advantage and it will be the first official indian crypto exchnage with 24/7 trading, inviting brokerages and arbitrages.
  4. research and write few slides about what kind of role we can play by introducing a regulated crypto exchange in india and open a gateway for many potential customers who believe crypto is the future.

and please add more content regarding how a crypto exchange market in india can be very profitable and various other points which can help appeal to the investors.
5.How introducing crypto exchange in india can help penetrate various big platforms by offering coins to infiltrate various big platforms such as sports betting, esports, and various other platforms that allow public to earn money.

Sample Solution