The New School-to-Prison Pipeline for Black Youth

Before engaging in this week’s paper, read this article: Social Media: The New School-to-Prison Pipeline for Black Youth (Links to an external site.)
Then, discuss if and how social media influences juvenile delinquency. Using the attached reading, together with the assigned readings for this week, discuss if these online media applications have as much influence on delinquency as one-on-one peer contact/communication?
utilize critical thinking in the following ways:
• Cite expert opinion from your text and other academic sources to support your statements.
• Provide real-world examples to illustrate your statements.
• Ask a probing question to challenge others (and yourself!) to think more deeply about the topic.
• Conclude with a personal assessment of how your perspective on the issue of the topic impacts your current or future role in criminal justice and/or impacts juveniles in society today.

Sample Solution