The official language of the united states

What is the official language of the united states


View the short video above for a basic understanding of official language. What role should English play in the process of adjusting to the United States? Should English language proficiency be a prerequisite for full inclusion in the society, as stated in the 1907 quotation from President Roosevelt at the beginning of Chapter 2? Should English be made the official language of the nation? This would mean that government business at all levels would be conducted only in English.

Some argue that “Official English” would avoid the expense and confusion of translating government documents and proceedings and would speed up assimilation, empowering newcomers to compete for jobs and position. Others argue that such policies are unnecessary, thinly veiled attempts to marginalize immigrants and continue their exclusion from the mainstream.

What are the arguments in this debate? How well reasoned and supported are the positions? What are the claims and counter-claims? What context does the material presented in the chapter give to support various claims.

U.S. English

U.S. English, Inc. is a “citizens action group dedicated to preserving the unifying role of the English Language in the United States.” The organization works to make English the official language of the U.S. and strongly opposes efforts to make Spanish an official second language

Institute for Language and Education Policy (ILEP)

This organization is headed by Dr. James Crawford and advocates “research-based policies in serving English and heritage language learners” and strongly opposes “Official English” which they see as an unnecessary assault on immigrants and minority groups. Dr. Crawford argues that the new immigrant groups are learning English rapidly – perhaps in two generations as opposed to the “traditional” three generation pace – and that it is non-English languages that are in danger of disappearing.


Is the “English-only” movement a disguise for prejudice and intolerance Or is “English-only” a practical solution to governmental paperwork? How could the underlying debate be resolved?

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