The Oswego Outbreak Investigation information

After reviewing the Oswego Outbreak Investigation information ( ), Submit a journal that responds to the following questions:
What information would you collect from the church supper participants? Please group your information into categories.
Why is a line listing important in an outbreak investigation?
What is the value of an epidemic curve?
Create an epidemic curve by graphing the cases (y-axis) by time of onset of illness (x-axis). You may create your graph electronically or by hand. You will submit this graph as part of your Vehicle of Infection Assignment later in this module. Refer to your graph to respond to the following:
What does your graph tell you about the outbreak?
Are there any cases that appear to be outliers?
How might they be explained?
When possible given the information in the line listing, calculate the incubation period for each case of illness.
What is the median of the incubation period?
What is the range of the incubation period?
Why is incubation period important in the diagnosis of the illness?

Sample Solution