The paleolithic diet

  1. An interview with a variety of researchers/scientists:
  2. Here is a video by Boyd Eaton
  3. Review and research looking at Paleo
  4. And, here is one more to add to your reading. This is a physician with strong leanings towards a vegetarian diet and program that he sells, but my favorite line is the one of “if you tell a lie often enough…. ”
  5. U.S. News and Health: The Engine 2 Diet Overview
  6. After reading the conflicting reports on the Paleolithic diet, What are the arguments against the paleo diet?
  7. What are the arguments and evidence to support the paleo diet?
  8. What are the environmental ramifications of the Paleo diet?
  9. What is the Engine 2 diet?
  10. Who has the strongest argument in your opinion (make sure you back your answer up with specific examples and facts).

Topic 2 Hunter-Gatherer Diet
This is doctor Terry Wahls’s video, who used a “hunter-gather” diet to cure her MS.

  1. How does Terry Wahls version of the hunter-gather diet differ from the traditional Paleo diet?
  2. Do you think this is a realistic diet to follow?
  3. If you were diagnosed with MS, do you think you would follow this diet? Explain your answer.

Sample Solution