The personal experience and analysis of AR

Choose several short VR games or 1 long VR game and describe your experience using
the core principles of VR that were discussed in class through a paper and presentation. (This assignment is
specifically for the paper)
This paper should be a minimum of 1500 words, double spaced text, 12pt font, with a proper academic
heading. (Creative work title, Assignment name, Author’s Name, Date, etc.)
Choose an experience that is either on STEAM VR or Oculus VR.
Some help on what to write about:
Describe the equipment used, the gameplay mechanics, the story, the experience, the Direct and InDirect
communication, the use of Presence, Immersion, and Illusion and how it affected you. By using the SWOT
format, describe the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of this experience. Describe the
purpose of this experience. Does the experience have replay value? Evaluate the short-term and long-term
effects it has on you. Discuss how this relates to Edgar Dales’ Cone of Experience.

Sample Solution