Prior to feminist activism in the 60’s and 70’s, women’s art work had been denigrated and dismissed as being "too personal" and therefore not relevant to the "real" world because it depicted themes of domesticity, women’s roles in marriage, childrearing, and/or body image. Art by women that had emotional or psychological content specific to female experience was not considered important enough to be included in art history books. Women artists were not considered serious artists simply because they were women.
Choose a work of art from a major museum dated 1970 or later that expresses a personal/political, feminist message. Include the artist’s name, the title of the art work, the date and the museum where it is located. Post an image of the art directly to the DB window. No attachments please. Answer the following in essay format:

–What is the message or meaning of the art?

–Why is it considered "feminist" art?

–What contribution did feminism make to art?

–Take on the role of a "feminist" artist and explain the kind of art you would create. Give details about the meaning and message you would communicate. Why?



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