The philosophy of education

An educational philosophy is often part of a teaching application, which lets your future employers see your classroom management style without seeing you teach. Although your philosophy will be adjusted throughout your program as you learn more about young children, how children learn, and developmentally appropriate practice, your educational philosophy will serve as a foundation.

In 500-750 words, describe your current philosophy of education. Include the following concepts:

  1. Your belief about how learning occurs grounded in preferred theories and perspectives.
  2. An explanation of how your teaching style will facilitate students’ learning and develop the whole child. Include your philosophy on the integration of technology with instruction in the early childhood environment.
  3. Your beliefs about guiding children’s behavior and creating a welcoming learning environment.
  4. Steps you will take to collaborate with families and the community in the growth and development of young children.
  5. Ways in which you will create an inclusive learning environment.

Sample Solution