The power of images and how magazines represent people on their covers

For your media analysis assignment listed in the syllabus, your task is to take a print magazine issue that you like reading on a regular basis. If you don’t read print magazines, please select one from the VCU library or your local library.
Explain in your own words what types of images do you find on the magazine’s cover. What sort of distribution of people do you find (i.e., male/female, race/ethnicity, old/young)? Explain why do you think that these people or images were placed on the cover (other than telling us that they will sell magazines). Describe a few articles and images that you find interesting in the magazine. You can briefly compare the online version of the magazine, but this assignment should mostly focus on the print version of the magazine. Describe what type of magazine you are analyzing based on what you learned in our class. Finally, describe what would you change or do differently if you were the magazine’s editor in chief in charge.




Sample Solution