The primary and secondary sources of law

Overview: Now that you understand the primary and secondary sources of law, it is time for you
to prepare a short case brief. Undoubtedly, as a paralegal working in a litigation firm, you will be
asked to write a case brief. The O’Neill text describes a case brief as a, “… condensed and
concise outlined summary of a court opinion”. Case briefs consist of several sections. A brief is
just that – brief. When preparing a brief, you must filter out what is unnecessary and only
include what was considered critical in arriving upon the holding by the court. The only facts
necessary to cite in the brief are those that the court relied upon in arriving upon its decision.
Instructions: Law Case Brief
Compose a short case brief of this landmark United States Supreme Court Case using the
format provided below:
Gideon v. Wainwright

  1. Cite the title of the case:
  2. Procedural History:
  3. Issue:
  4. Holding:
  5. Facts:
  6. Disposition

Sample Solution