The process of recruiting new employees

You are the hiring manager for a large tech company. You are in the process of recruiting new employees for a global expansion project and seeing a large percentage of females entering the tech industry over the past few years. Because of this, the CEO has asked you to put together a part of the new training guide on the rights and responsibilities relating to gender diversity in the workplace.
Develop a section of the training guide that:
Provides an introduction of gender diversity in the workforce.
Describes any existing legal protections for gender diversity in the workforce.
What do these policies cover, and what are their limitations?
Discusses the EEOC- Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – what is it?
What is its role in protecting gender diversity in the workforce?
Explains how a company’s global expansion might affect its gender diversity strategy with example.
Illustrates why effective diversity planning is so important to a global company and what role ethics play in planning and implementation.

Sample Solution