The process of storytelling

Narrative is a process of storytelling. Offer an analysis of the films:Casablanca,Unfriended and The Cabinet of Dr Caligari as narrative ‘experiments’. What about these narratives make them experimental? How do they depart from a narrative norm, or what
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What is an Essay? An essay is a genre of writing built on argument. In this essay, we want you to frame an original argument, engaging materials in the unit from your particular point of view. Of course, the idea of originality in essay writing does not refer to ideas that have never been considered. Rather, essays provide you with an opportunity to develop your own arguments, to read primary and secondary materials in critical ways, and to engage in your own analysis of texts in building your argument.
While all essays are in this sense ‘original’ works, the research component refers to your ability to engage with the source materials we’ve discussed in this unit. Your engagement with source material will help to broaden your understanding of topics covered, and enrich your approach to analysis and argument. Scholarly materials enable you to ask more incisive questions about texts and contexts; they enable you to reflect on your own position, testing its validity; and perhaps most importantly, they enable you to support your claims with evidence. This is the basis of all research: an original position taken (argument) supported by research within the field. We would like to see you using required readings, as well as some additional reading. We would also encourage you to consider using the library to research beyond the scope of the course.

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