The Right to a Fair Trial and Consumer confidence

•Select a recent high-profile court case from the past 4 years. Identify and explain at least 2 factors of the trial that could prevent the defendant from receiving a fair trial. Then construct or develop at least 2 policies that could mitigate those issues. Students: to get started on the main discussion question above think about possible hindrances to a fair trial that may take form in a plea bargain, jury selection, media coverage, the district where the case may be held, the statutes of limitations, incorrect evidence, etc. and more.
Read CNBC’s Consumer confidence strengthens in July, beating expectations for a drop •Who is in charge of making fiscal policy? •What fiscal policy measure has a direct impact to the economy? •If consumer confidence is low, which of the following will be the most effective fiscal policy? a.An increase in government spending, or b.An equal decrease in taxes? Explain your reasoning.




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