The role of curiosity in Job Attitudes and Behaviors

this is a 10,000 words quantitative research for Masters in Organisational Psychology on The Role of Curiosity in job attitudes and behaviours. So I have used two curiosity scales which are epistemic curiosity and social curiosity which will be my independent variables. My main dependent variable is Job Engagement. I have chosen Perceived Organisational Support as one moderator and Intragroup conflict as the other moderator. I have taken surveys from 100 employees in corporate organisations in India. I had actually collected 120 surveys but I omitted 20 due to some issues like lack of accuracy in responses, etc. The data collection happened from July 2nd to July 27th. How I had collected the data was I contacted some employees I know in different organisations and send the questionnaires to them and they passed it on to their colleagues, etc. The survey was taken through google forms.

Sample Solution