The Role of QI Professional

Assignment Description:

Purpose of the paper: To help you familiarize yourself, in some depth, with the role, qualifications, and responsibilities of different QI, Safety, Regulatory Compliance, or information officers in healthcare.

Your job is to do your independent search or phone interview with one of the following: QI, Safety, Compliance, or information technology professional. Interviewing a professional is optional. You can do a lot of the research online. Please use relevant sources in your search. Follow these guidelines:

Define/explain one of the following professional roles: QI, Safety, Regulatory compliance officer, informatician.
Discuss the following:
Evolution of the role: description, history, guidelines, regulatory compliance needs etc.
Academic and/or clinical requirements for this role
Professional certifications such as 6-sigma, LEAN etc
Typical responsibilities and duties in a clinical area
Potential impact of this professional on the quality of care
Recommendation for future healthcare

Sample Solution