The Role of the US and Other Great Powers

Answer each question separately using the following readings.
Was the US able to establish a Pax Americana in the Middle East following the end of the Cold War? What were the foreign policy goals of the US during the Cold War?
Essential Reading:
Two of the following:
Brown,, Diplomacy in the Middle East, Chapters 3.
Fawcett Louise (ed.), International Relations of the Middle East, 2013/2016, Chapter 15, 16, 17).
Further Reading:
Allin, Danna and Simon, Steven Simon, ‘The Moral Psychology of US Support for Israel’, Survival, Vol. 45.,
Issue 3, 2003, pp. 123 – 144.
Ansari, Ali M., Confronting Iran: The Failure of American Foreign Policy and the Roots of Mistrust (London:
Hurst, 2006).
Clawson, Patrick, ‘The Continuing Logic of Dual Containment,’ Survival, Vol. 40, No. 1 Spring 1998, pp. 33-47.
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International affairs, Vol. 81, Issue 5. pp. 963-979.
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and Iraq’ International Affairs, Vol.79, No.2, March 2003, pp.279-297.
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Heradstveit, Daniel and Bonham, Matthew G., ‘What the Axis of Evil Metaphor Did to Iran’, The Middle East
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