The shut of Taj Mahal

Read this article, “Judge threatens to shut Taj Mahal”
Now, referring to the article, and also to your textbook, Ways of the World, type a 1-2 page, single-space essay to answer the following questions. You do not need to repeat the questions, but answer them in your essay IN YOUR OWN WORDS, in this order:
(1) What is the title of the article? Who wrote it? When was it published? Where was it published? Tell us in this first paragraph that you are going todiscuss this article and then give the historical background referring to what you learned in class.
(2) What are the main points that the author is making? What is the judge going to do to the Taj Mahal? Why?
(3) Explain the historical background of this building. Include a discussion of who built it, and why it was built.
You should also explain the historical context: Who were the Mughals? When did they start taking control of India? Who were some of the Mughal rulers? What religion were they? How did they reconcile their religion with the religion of the Indian people? What religion were the Indian people?

(4) Summarize with a final paragraph explaining why you think this building should be saved. Or, if you disagree, explain why. Give specific examples.
A paper will receive a higher grade by following these guidelines:
• Make sure it is clear you have read the article.
• Demonstrate that you have thought about the article and what we studied earlier in the semester, analyzed and compared them.
• If you quote anything in the article, or use specific information, you must cite it. For this short paper, you can insert the author’s name, or title of the article, and page number in parentheses, at the end of the passage or paragraph.
For example, you might write:
There are some interesting Roman amphitheaters in France. Some are built in the style of those in Rome, but others include French influences. (Ten Famous Roman Amphitheaters, p. 3)
The Roman philosopher, Cicero, echoed the words of Greek philosophers in his writings about amphitheaters. He explained that the extent of amphitheaters throughout North Africa was a way for Roman emperors to expand their influence. (Ways of the World, p. 56)
• You do not need a “Sources Cited” page or a bibliography.
• Conclude with a thoughtful opinion. You should give specific examples or reasons to back up your opinion.
In other words, you will present a lot of information but it will be well organized, concise, and to the point.





























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