The social construction of masculinity and femininity, reproductive justice, and trans politics

What are some specific intersectional features of the ways that masculinity and femininity are socially constructed and institutionally reproduced that contribute to sexual violence? To answer this question, you MUST draw on the attached articles “It’s the Masculinity, Stupid!”, “The Ultimate Rape Victim,” and watch the film The Mask You Live In (here is the link: What solutions would you suggest to help break the link between masculinity and violence and reduce the negative impact of ‘toxic’ masculinity on people across the gender spectrum?
Second, give an example from an attached article/linked video (read below for corresponding sources), and use an example to illustrate the significance of the concept in understanding gender inequality in our society.
Term 1: Reproductive justice (video:
Term 2: Trans* (Read attached article “Trans Liberation”)

Sample Solution