The sociology of contemporary East Asia and industrialism

Find a recent article ( 2018-2020) about the sociology of contemporary East Asia and industrialism ( China, N,
Korea, S.Korea, Japan, Taiwan, or Vietnam).
see Chap 10,11,12,13 for contemporary society. Economics may include items about class, gender, ethnicity,
work, leisure, health, age, life, death, population, or family among others.
Select the article from New York Times, CNN, BBC or Asian news sources ( see syllabus)
Give a full citation reference (author, title, New York Times, CNN or BBC, date, url).
For example:
Stolberg, Sheryl, “Global politics,” New York Times, February 27, 2017,
Write a paragraph on the article, on questions such as the following:
1.Which countries does the article discuss?
2.How does the article relate to the sociology of East Asia?
3.How does each article relate to you as an individual and as a citizen of the global community?
4.What is impact of the scoiology of this East Asian country on industrialism?
5.What have you learned from the article?

Sample Solution