The U.S. Department of Agriculture

Details: 1) Go into the HFC Library databases from the drop down menu at the top of your Moodle. (Select
HFC Library under Student Services.) Possible databases are Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints or CQ
Researcher or Issues and Controversies. But there are hundreds to choose from. Be sure to keep your reading
limited to the HFC databases because that way you can copy and paste the citations at the bottom of the
article into your Reading Log.
2) Scan through articles that are of interest to you and are manageable for you to read and understand.
3) After scanning through enough articles on a topic, come up with a question that you would like to be able to
answer about this topic in your own words, based on your readings and thinking. Try asking something that you
are interested and curious about AND to which you DON”T already know the answer. This will make it much
easier for you to read up and write your final paper. Follow the assignment instructions under Formulating a
Research Question. Your submission should be posted as a textbox entry.
4) Select 5 articles — I’m going to leave it up to you on whether your articles are scholarly/academic,
professional/trade, or aimed to a general/popular readership. This is different than the usual 3 scholarly and 5
non-scholarly sources of previous semesters. This time the articles are up to you but do note that your paper
will have more or less authority and credibility based on the sources you use. Mainly the point is to be sure to
select articles that are going to help you answer your question from Step 3.
5) Simply copy and paste the citation just as it appears MLA style at the bottom of each of the 5 articles. Copy
and paste them into a blank Word Doc that will serve as your Reading Log. Your Reading Log is simply a
contract of sorts telling me these are the sources you plan to use to write your paper. Be sure to order
alphabetically your sources — according to the first word of each citation. This first word could be the author’s
last name, the first word of the article title, or the name of the publication or database. Upload your completed
Reading Log to the space created here.
6) Submit Formulating a Research Question as a text box entry. Upload the assignment Reading Log to the
space here. Please be sure these smaller assignments are in by then because next week we will move on to
the next assignments for your Final Paper.
Formulating a Research Question: Step 1) After scanning through the HFC Library databases, narrow what
you’re interested in reading/writing about down to one topic.
Step 2) Generate a list of questions about your topic, beginning with each of the following stems below.
Examples are provided, but please just begin your own questions using the what/when/where/etc. stems.
What…is factory farming?
When…did factory farming start becoming more widely practiced in the U.S.?
Where…is the run-off from factory farming ending up?
Who…oversees this practice?
How…is factory farming regulated?
Why…is this an increasing cause for concern among animal rights and environmental activists?
Would…eliminating government subsidies to farmers using this practice make a difference?
Could…there be alternative solutions to this practice that is less harmful to animals and the planet?
Should…the U.S. Department of Agriculture subsidize factory farming to meet food demands, given the known
suffering this practice causes to farm animals?
Step 3) Select one question from your list that is interesting to you and that you think will generate enough
content to write a 4-6 page double spaced paper. Use this question to guide you as you read the articles from
your Reading Log.
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Reading Log:
Go to the HFC Library homepage from the drop down menu at the top of this Moodle site, under Student

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