The US discount retailer, H&M (the Swedish fashion clothing chain)

Disc 1 Target (the US discount retailer), H&M (the Swedish fashion clothing chain), and Primark (the UK discount clothing chain) have pioneered cheap chic —combining discount store prices with fashion appeal. What are the principal challenges of designing and implementing a cheap chic strategy?

Design a cheap chic strategy for a company entering another market e.g., restaurants, sports shoes, cosmetics, or office furniture.

Disc 2 Figure 7.1 implies that stable industries, where firms have similar resources and capabilities, offer less opportunity for competitive advantage than industries where change is rapid, and firms are heterogeneous.

On the basis of these considerations, among the following industries, in which do you predict that interfirm differences in profitability will be small and in which will they be wide: retail banking, video games, wireless handsets, insurance, supermarkets, and semiconductors?

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