The use of internet of things”IOT”in Haiti earthquake 2004

Demonstrate substantive knowledge of their chosen researched topics and to critically examine them with reference to disaster risk recovery using concepts in the field of disaster management (nationally or internationally), or in combining ideas or disciplinary cross-overs to address critical issues in intelligence and security studies, stand alone or in combination.
so my topic is about the case of the haiti disaster earthquake in 2004 … …
for sure there wasnt a big use of IOT then so i want you to write about iot and how can it be used in this disaster and how would it benefit and change the impacts … and in what ways and forms iot can be used for this disaster to improve the response and recovery and prepardeness phases of disaster managment
I would like it to be no more than 3500 … so thats max ,,, i dont want to see 3600 and above
For the references : make sure to use only website reference ” no books ” only accessible websites …and make sure every citation is related to the text cited so when i access the reference cited i find the same information.

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