The use of social media in contemporary society

Explain the controversy over social media in your introduction (give necessary background information) • Present a clear thesis statement that announces your position on the issue • Present the reasons you believe your position to be true in your body paragraphs • Support those reasons with fair and convincing examples and evidence from your personal experience and from the sources you have read • Address at least one of the opposition’s points (perhaps using information from the sources to do so) • Cite at least two of the outside sources with which you have been provided (below), using either the MLA format or the APA format for in-text citations; your paper should have at least two effective and correct citations total (if you only have two, each one should come from a different source) • Include a works cited page or a references page (depending upon whether you are using the MLA or APA format) • Negative Effects of Social Media
Title: “Using Lots of Social Media Accounts Linked to Anxiety” Author: Allison Hydzik Date Published: 19 December 2016 Source URL: “People Who Obsessively Check Social Media Get Less Sleep”































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