The Yemen Civil War

In this essay you should talk about:
1- the background of the issue which the Yemen Civil War; when it started, how and why it started, who the involv
largest humanitarian crisis.

  1. spread of Cholera in Yemen.
    3- how the air strikes affected the Yemenis’ daily life activities ( safety and destroying bridges which causes delay
    response phase of the emergency cycle.
    4- importance of coordinating and partnering with international organizations and local agencies to achieve the m
    5- Using social media platforms to to achieve the mission of the response and recovery plans.
    6- how can the response phase’s activities be dangerous in times of wars?
    7- how can actions by executive and legislative branches (leadership) have significant and lasting impact on the r
    8- the goal of Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project–response—-wb.html#:~:text=

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