Theatre Personnel

Research one theatre profession and then write a paper about it. Here’s a list of professions from which you can choose for your research.


Artistic Director

Managing Director



Musical Director



Stage Manager

Set Designer

Technical Director

Lighting Designer

Costume Designer

Sound Designer

Media Designer


Stage Hand

Production Manager

Company Manager

Theater Marketer

House Manager

Google the professions above and choose one that interests you the most, or perhaps one that you feel falls closest to your personal area of expertise. In your research, consider some—but not necessarily ALL—of the following questions:

Was it always, or is it always a part of the theater organization? If it has changed over time, what was the arc in terms of the development of the position? What do you imagine its future to be?

What are some of the common paths to getting a job as a professional in this position? Is it commonly an apprentice program, university training, union affiliation, other paths entirely, or some combination of the above?

Who were or are some ‘leaders’ in the industry, performing this position? Where do/did they work? What was their contribution to the craft?

Where would you want to work, doing this job you’ve chosen? What would you hope to bring to the theater industry in terms of change or innovation?




Sample Solution