Theodore Robert Cowan- The Campus Killer

Develop a case study identifying their symptoms, give (and justify) a diagnosis, as well as discuss at least one other disorder that you ruled out (why you considered it, and how you ruled it out). The case study will be based on research based articles from journals such as the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Psychological Bulletin, Evolution and Human Behavior, Evolutionary Psychology, etc. Articles need to be actual scholarly articles. Must be written in APA format. -Brief description of the Case study-(who, what, where, how) •Symptomology: What are the persons symptoms, illustrate behaviors both overt&covert, duration and onset of symptoms, and impact of symptoms on daily functioning. -Developmental History: address social, environmental, cultural, developmental, and biological factors that have contributed to the etiology of the disorder- (What bio-psycho-social factors led to the development of their disorder?) • Diagnosis: formulate a diagnosis and explain how you arrives at this diagnosis. Differential diagnosis- what else was considered and how did you rule it out? -Treatment: What forms of treatment (Psychological or Biological) will be effective in treating this disorder; what is the predicted course for this disorder? what factors suggest a better or worse outcome?

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