Threat/backgrounder/policy options

Using your previous area threat/backgrounder/policy options, explain to your key policymaker what role EACH RELEVANT PLAYER ON THE NATIONAL SECURITY STAGE will play in the implementation of your policy recommendation in Assignment #2.

In other words, you need to explain each player in the National Security Enterprise to your new policymaker. What do they do and how will they implement your recommendation? (Most policies will encourage some reaction from media, for example.)

Use our course readings to describe for your new boss what each player does and how they will react to your policy recommendation. Let him/her know what to expect next. (Get creative; anticipate how this policy will play on the national security stage.)

Although most comprehensive memos do not include citations, this one will. You need to cite ALL of your information

Do not copy the previous assignments in this one. Build on them, but do not repeat them.

Sample Solution