Titanium alloy is commonly used orthopedics

Titanium alloy is commonly used orthopedics and dental implants due to great biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. The most wildly used type of titanium alloy is Ti-6Al-4V. however, some studies shows that vanadium present in this alloy cause allergic reaction in human tissue. Also, aluminum can cause neurological disorders. So, there is a need to new develop a new titanium alloy without the present of these elements. The new recommended titanium alloy with Manganese due to its low toxicity.

The intellectual merit of the proposed study is to find a new titanium alloy that is compatible with medical applications like orthopedics and dental implants and to increase its compatibility. The current solution Ti-6Al-4V has aluminum and vanadium which can cause problem in long term uses. The goal of this research is to develop titanium alloy without cytotoxic elements.
Broader impacts:
The broader impacts of the proposed study involve how to develop a new titanium alloy that have better mechanical properties than the current used titanium alloy. The new titanium alloy will provide great alternative for long term implants and widen the use of titanium alloy in medical applications.

Sample Solution