Tourism and society

1: -Tourism is the “vehicle of ‘othering’ par excellence”. (Hollinshead, 1998:121)
Drawing on this idea of ‘othering’, explain the concepts of the gaze and Orientalism and discuss how they apply to a tourism context. How relevant are these concepts for explaining power relations between residents and tourists / the wider tourism industry?
TOPIC CHOICE 2: ‘Almost by their very nature, sites historically associated with genocide take on the persona and role of a museum. a place where history is categorized. packaged and then sold to the 21st century visitor (Shirt, 2016:102)
Explain the concept of the Dark Tourism Spectrum, developed by Stone, and, by drawing on the principles developed in the spectrum, discuss the key justifications and approaches to the ‘categorisation and packaging’ of dark tourism for the modem-day visitor.

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