Transhumanism vs. Christianity: Incompatible Ideologies, compatible technologies

Basic idea: Transhumanism, as an ideology, is not compatible with Christianity. The technologies that will result because of the movement, however, are compatible.

Do not refer to the technologies as “transhumanist technologies.” My teacher found it redundant to keep them meshed together. Instead, just refer to them as the byproducts of the movement or something of that sort.

Strong suggestions from thesis advisor:

  1. In order to reject the movement but cautiously embrace associated technologies, Christians must acknowledge that “this is now”. Incredible, seemingly futuristic developments are already underway.
    Subpoints: discuss 3-4 key technologies: gene-editing, computer-brain interfaces, etc.
    These subpoints should all SHOW that the technology is real and now
  2. The ideology of transhumanism is not compatible with Christianity. It should be rejected as false gospel.
    Subpoints should explain the ideology of transhumanists
    Subpoints should explain why it is incompatible with Christianity, with 3-4 clear points
  3. As Christians we have an ethical framework for guiding how these technologies should and should not be used.
    Subpoints should show what our ethics would mean… value of all human life, relieving
    suffering, freedom of choice?
    We do share some common ground…

It’s far off in the future!
We shouldn’t play God
It is TOO atheistic; we should reject all the technology
The technology is too dangerous.

Sample Solution