Transnational Growth of Canadian Media

  • Explore how the growth of Canadian media and broadcasting can utilize labels of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ that it is already associated with to create a Canadian content as distinct as that of its American counterpart by heavily capitalizing on content that it is entitled to, such as hockey, Canadian artists, and domestically produced shows.
  • consider the current Canadian broadcasting ecosystem in relation to that of the United States by taking an in-depth look at the American Federal Communications Commission (FCC) along with roles of the CRTC, foreign content quotas specified in the Broadcasting Act and regulations regarding public/private funding.
  • Understanding how each of these regulations affect the freedom and ease of production for both small-scale independent and corporately supported projects
  • Assess why Canadian Media’s current regulatory structures upon which the broadcasting ecosystem is built upon are growing at a slower rate than would be ideal (assess against American/Hollywood media successes)

Sample Solution