Treating patients with ASD

The mentioned sociodrama was about raising awareness about people ASD ( autism spectrum disorder) in dentist. The first part was about a doctor who was not receptive wont listen to the mother who knew the child the best when she was trying to help and guide the doctor and teach him about thing that upset the patient like the bright light and the flavor he did not like which was in the prophy paste the dentist use to polish his teeth. The second act was a doctor listening to the mother trying to communicate with the patient suffering from autism and giving him options of flavors for the prophy paste also showed the patient who the slow hand piece will feel by doing it on his arm first. He took more time for this appointment because dentist need to spend more time with this kind of patients and need to create a bond, get to know the patient and get the patient to trust him before being able to do any type of treatment. Part 2: Reflection Paper: 8 points- Upload Part 2 to the assignment board of Canvas. The sociodrama was designed to help you see and appreciate the worldview of others. Thinking about the sociodrama, please consider and respond to each of the questions below (2 points each) • As a result of watching the sociodrama, describe the insight you acquired about your values and prevalent assumptions in your cross-cultural relationships and ways in which they are similar or different from the previous experiences you have had (e.g., derived from family members, friends, institutions). • explain how this sociodrama affected your view of working with patients with special health care needs. • Please explain how this sociodrama will impact or change the way you practice. • Name at least one thing you learned about yourself during this sociodrama. When writing about your reflections, the following points for consideration may be helpful: Analyze and evaluate the experience, as well as any thinking processes that were involved.

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