Treating the Family and Addiction Annotated Bibliography

Locate and read 5 peer reviewed/scholarly articles on treating the family and addiction.

Write an annotated bibliography in APA format with these 5 articles. Your content should be 3-4 pages.
An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to scholarly books, articles, and documents researched based on the assignment. Each source listed is followed by a brief descriptive paragraph.
annotated bibliography must contain the following:

The topic of your search (must be related to one of the content areas of the Family Therapy and ethics. Choose a topic that interests you and make this the heading for your annotated bibliography.(Example: “Annotated Bibliography: Dual Relationships in Counseling”).
Five high-quality web-based articles/sources about the topic, with correct citation and web addresses for each article and a 3- to 5-sentence summary of the contents of each article. For this assignment, you only need to summarize the contents of each article; you do not need to evaluate or provide a critique of the contents.
Articles may be from professional journals, magazines, professional organization web sites, federal web sites such as SAMHSA, or mainstream news sources such as the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.
A minimum of two articles must come from sources that you located through the online library. EBSCO host is a good source of scholarly journals and can be accessed through the :

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