Treatment Plan Analysis

Part 1: Case Management Client
What is it?
Select a client population that you could see yourself working with. Using research, discuss cultural norms and experiences that contribute to the stratification of this population.
Create a brief vignette of a client within this population that you would be working with (this client happens to live in the same town as you!).
Using your own area as the basis, create an assessment and treatment plan. Discuss how the use of some of the community resources in your treatment plan can serve as prevention in addition to treatment.
Finally explain how both formal and informal support networks can help the client achieve their goals.
This paper should be around 6-8 pages in length and proper APA citations and format should be used throughout.
Please see Grading Rubric for details on grading. This paper is worth 100 points.
What is it about?
This paper is a comprehensive paper applying many of the skills and techniques we will discuss throughout the course. We will review vulnerable groups, individual and community obstacles, community resources, support networks and treatment plans throughout the course and this assignment gives you the ability to apply all of them to one case.
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