Treatment plan for maladaptive behaviors

Without violating confidentiality, provide background information on your subject (or group/situation), including behaviors observed, any medical information that is available, socio-cultural factors that might affect treatment, etc.
Provide information about current behaviors, specifically maladaptive behaviors, and current treatment plans/progress.
Using knowledge gained in your study of psychology in general and/or your cognate in particular, provide a brief theoretical explanation of your case.

Using knowledge gained in your study of psychology in general and/or your cognate in particular, identify a treatment plan detailing how you would continue to work with this case. (This treatment plan may be hypothetical.)
The paper must fulfill the following criteria:
3–4 pages, Current APA format, and this document must maintain the strictest level of confidentiality.

Background information– Black women who are being abused emotionally by her husband who’s not employed an alcoholic. She teaches at a high school and cashier at Wal-Mart 4 days out the week. She has 4 children ages are 14, 13, 8, and 5 all boys. Her husband does not abuse any of the children but always treating the mother really bad in front of everybody. One day after work from the school she worked at, she went by her mother all the time by this the client had an argument with her husband which went wrong so fast she doesn’t remember what happened until she opens her eyes in the hospital. She was in the hospital for 4 days and was released to New Outlooks Behavioral Health Center for treatment for her severe depression and suicidal thoughts. The doctor said she has been traumatized and must be a treatment to cope with her thoughts, emotions, and her goals in moving forward.
I am an intern at New Outlook Behavioral Health Center so you are writing for me as I am during the case study. I will make this simple and very very easy as possible so this can be a quick paper. I can not do it because this week is Thanksgiving and I‘m cooking a big dinner for my family and I let time slip away from me so I won’t be able to do the paper. I have enclosed two references to use by each title.





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