Choose any origination that is facing turnover and suggest a retention strategy to solve the problem . Select an organization and devise a problem-solving scenario which encompasses- employee turnover –you can be specific who are the employee (labor or line mangers- middle managers- senior managers or in which department ) you can be more specific in which department. This can be from any sites in the intendent even the issue can be invented that a certain company has turnover -leaving – problem . it doesn’t matter that the company chosen is a small or big or well know company. Any company. It possibly is can be a real company but the issue is invented or assumed that it has this issue based on some indicators – statistics- report- news.

2- Analyze the causes of the problem (employee turnover) (two main causes enough to have deep analysis and the causes should be connected to the chosen organization. The analysis is based on the liter- empirical – theory and should be linked to the company.
It means that there are so many general causes for turnover – choose two main causes.– for example -career development and lack of involvement can result in…..and causes turnover ……(A.2005) -if possible- choose causes that can be related to its business or if it is a real issue – if there is an analysis based on news that say something about it ) (500word approx.)
3- Examine options to address the problem (related to the causes- not many general option focus on two retention strategy to solve the above discussed two causes – if possible it is better to connect the retention to the organization’s business (650). So if you indicate that causes are career development and training the solution should be based on this cause.
4- For causes point 2 and the retention point 3 above – , make explicit reference to relevant theoretical frameworks, models, empirical data and possibly legislation to support your analysis. more analysis should be for point 3

5- Reach conclusions and make some specific recommendations for the organizations – recommendation should be based on the analysis of the problem discussed above 2 or 3 max 4 recommendation enough – justifying that those -retention strategy can solve the issue. (350 word)




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