Two-Party System in America

Is a Two-Party System Necessary in American Politics
Required sections in draft (1500 words total)
Introduction: Ask your question and give your best answer
Background: The information needed to understand your question (who, what, where, and when the event you
asked about happened)
Answers: Your best answer and at least 1 other possible answer, with explanations why each could be true
Research: What in your research convinced you to choose the answer that you did (and convinced you other
answers were worse).
For citations, use only the first word from your Annotated Bibliography entry, along with page number if
Required elements for Annotated Bibliography

  • At least 6 sources total, including both primary AND scholarly sources
  • For each entry:
    1) Provide the publication information: author, title, date, publisher, link (if available).
    2) In a single paragraph, describe the source as a whole
    3) In another single paragraph, describe how it helped you answer your question.

Sample Solution