Types of educational organization

For Unit 7, you will submit the final Case Study Paper
For Unit 7, you will submit the final Case Study Paper
 Write an APA formatted paper that is 12–15 double-spaced pages (not counting title, appendix, and reference pages). Remember, much of this work you have already done for you papers in Units 2, 4, & 6. Thus the outstanding parts are shaping out the Introduction, Vision/Plan, Plan for Change, and Call to Action.
Introduction (1/2 page–1 page):
Describe the educational organization that is the subject of your project.
 Introduce the educational organization and discuss the history of the organization. If you do not want to use the real name, a pseudonym is fine. Include the following information, as applicable:
o Describe the type of educational organization it is.
o Describe the population the organization serves.
o Age, race/ethnicity, median community income, etc.
History: Past & Present (1–2 pages):
 When was the educational organization founded?
 Have there been major changes/transformations over the history of the organization?
Describe these. (This is the lead-up to how the organization came to its current status.)
 Describe the current state of the organization/classroom/etc.
 Is it successfully serving the children/employees/clients/etc.?
 How is it serving the population/what programs/teaching methods, etc.?
 Discuss the mission/vision of this organization.
Trends in Education (3–5 pages):
What are the historical events and current technological, public policy, economic, and demographic trends in education that inform my vision of education? Use the educational literature to answer the above question.
Methodology/Futuring Techniques (1–2 pages):
 Discuss the futuring technique(s) you will use for your project.
 Provide a general overview of the technique(s).
 Discuss how the technique is applied in your project.
Vision/Plan (3–5 pages):
Scenario (2–3 pages): Write a vision for five years into the future of your educational context based on your literature review and use of the futuring technique(s). (This is your proposed scenario.)
 Describe what the organization/classroom/etc. will look like five years from now.
 Include a fully cited, clear rationale of why the organization will be operating as predicted.
 Describe at least five challenges and five opportunities your Future Vision presents to the
organization. (bullet or number your challenges and opportunities)
 Analyze what you believe will happen if the organization does not transform into a future
oriented educational organization as you suggest.

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