U.S. Administrative Law Blog


This is a research assignment: Investigate the Administrative Law related to either a Healthcare Compliance Officer, OR a Hospital Administrator. Create a blog entry with the below required elements.

The aim of the US Administrative Law Blog is to 1) Locate information on administrative law and 2) share information and insight on various federal agencies and their regulations.

1) Choose a specific government agency, entity or department FROM the US government resource provided below.
*Please use this US Government resource: https://www.usa.gov/federal-agencies/a

*Note, that on the link page there is a “contact government by topic” link. You may use this to discover government entities by topic or simply explore the alphabetic index.

2) Create a summary paragraph stating what your agency of choice does. It is fine to use language from the description provided IF you 1) use quotes 2) cite the reference 3) include the hyperlink. Please include in the summary a link to the agency, department or entity.

3) Include what branch this agency, entity or department is in. (Executive, Judicial or Legislative)

4) Answer and provide links to the information answering 3 of the questions below. Choose relevant questions. Please read all the questions first. Each agency/entity/department is different. Do not simply say “NO.” If the question doesn’t apply, choose a different question. Answer the question AND provide the hyperlink. “PLEASE make it clear which questions you are answering.”

a) Who is the ‘head’ of this agency/entity/department? How long have they been in office? Were they appointed? By whom?

b) Does this agency/entity/department create regulation? Is there currently new or proposed regulation(s)? Are these regulation(s) open for public comment? OR Is there a particular rule or regulation that made you chose this agency/entity/department? or that you are interested in? or familiar with? Link the rule or regulation. Provide a comment.

c)Is there an enforcement arm of this agency/entity/department? If not how are rules enforced? By a different agency/entity/department?

d) What created this agency/entity/department? When? Be as specific as possible. If possible link the legislations, order, or information about its’ creation if possible.

e) Is this agency/entity/department a policy or advisory body? Created by who? What resources does it provide? Initiatives? Are there sub-parts to this agency/entity/department? Define an acronym that is part of this agency/entity/department.

f) Does this agency/entity/department require self-reporting to the agency/entity/department? Does this agency/entity/department provide training?

g) Is your agency/entity/department an adjudicating agency? or Does your agency/entity/department have an adjudicating body? What kind of disputes are dealt with? Who decides cases? Are decisions public? Where can they be found? (Provide a hyperlink)

h) Wildcard: Provide specific information you would like to provide. Provide a hyperlink and comment on the information you provide.
PLEASE make it clear which questions above you are answering.
Proofread your blog entry. Check your hyperlinks to make sure they work.

Sample Solution