The continued issue in health care delivery and resources continue to be costs and how we will be able to
adjust costs and still finance health care. The following question is posed to you to attempt to begin the debate
around this issue.
1.Explain why the administrative cost of health care delivery now stands at 31% of total health spending?
Please respond to the question above and please briefly elaborate on the follow points mentioned below when
answering the question above.
in addition to following the instructions assigned to your topic, keep in mind the following points:
Please have an introduction and summary but no conclusion needed

  1. Integrate or mention an aspect of the topic you find either controversial or impacting on your nursing practice
    or directly affects you as a health care recipient.
  2. Also try to integrate something about the turmoil, violence, and disruptive social forces that are happening
    today and what effects this may have on the future health of America.
  3. With the upcoming 2020 Presidential election only months away, what are some of the health policy
    implications of this monumental event on the topic you are presenting?
  4. Be sure to provide a summary to encapsulate the major points of your position on your topic.

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