Understanding RDS database configuration and management.

Create a subnet group, create and configure an RDS instance, launch a read replica, promote the replica to a primary instance, delete the original primary, and retained snapshots, just in case! With this information, you now have a solid basis for understanding RDS database configuration and management.

To begin the lab, click on the “Lab search within Linux Academy” link in this Lab area. Type the lab name, “Create and Configure an RDS Database with Backup Solutions”. You will click on the lab name and then select Start Lab. You can also select the lab guide if you need a hardcopy of your lab instructions.

You will need to take four screenshots during the lab.

Screenshot displaying the VPC configuration.
Screenshot showing the Linux Academy VPC was selected for the RDS subnet.
Screenshot that shows your newly created snapshot.
Screenshot that displays your created read replica.
The screenshots you create while completing the lab should be added to a Microsoft Word document. Write a one-paragraph summary under each screenshot sharing your experience completing this lab. Then, write a final paragraph that summarizes your experience with Amazon Web Services.

Sample Solution