Understanding yourself as a brand

This interactivity is all about understanding yourself as a brand, which you are. What kind of brand would you like to build for yourself? Reflect upon Questions 1 and 2 below concerning brand strategy and answer them thoroughly. Thereafter, draft a positioning statement for yourself.

Identify the two or three desirable, deliverable, and differentiating points of difference you wish to establish for yourself in your professional career in the long run. Put differently, in what ways can you be unique to other top-tier graduates as your career progresses? And what are the one or two key points of parity you will also need in order to negate any possible weaknesses?
What kinds of things will you need to do in the future that you are not doing today in order to achieve your desired positioning?
Draft a positioning statement for yourself. Apply your emerging branding knowledge as you position yourself toward a current or future employer. If you prefer, you may also choose to position yourself toward a different audience (e.g., colleague, friend, future partner, in-laws).Importantly, your statement should be succinct but include several critical aspects. First, consider the key insight (i.e., the core need or want) of your target audience. Second, capture your unique brand essence. Third, back up your claim. You may discuss all of this information, but your self- positioning statement needs to be able to stand on its own. Please make sure to use the positioning statement template shown below._______________ (brand name)
is _____________ (unique and central claim) among all _______ (competitive frame)
for _____________ (target segment)
because ________ (support or reason to believe).

Sample Solution