Unilineal Evolution

Choose 8 of the 10 terms below. Define the term in our own words and then identify an example from the book, lectures, readings, or films that can be used as an example of that term. Answers should be between 100-300 words in length. (5 points per question: 2 points for the definition, 3 points for the response)


Unilineal Evolution
Third Gender
Cultural Relativism
Settler Colonialism
Gender Role

Part 2: Short Answers (40 pts)

Instructions: Read each question carefully and write a short response that answers each part of the question. Answers should be between 100 and 300 words in length. (10 points each)

Match each of the four actions below to the form of reciprocity or exchange it best demonstrates. Explain how you know.
Leaving a restaurant without paying the bill
Paying your bill at a restaurant with money you earned from your job at the grocery store
Buying your friend’s meal at a restaurant because they bought yours the last time you ate together
A parent buying their child dinner at a restaurant
Forms of reciprocity
Market exchange
Balanced reciprocity
Negative reciprocity
Generalized reciprocity
Recall the short film about the longevity of designs intended to communicate danger through symbols (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOEqzt36JEM&t=1s). What is the major problem engineers, designers, and philosophers are trying to resolve? What does this tell us about the relationship between symbols and culture?
Describe two reasons why an anthropologist studying race in America might want to incorporate the concept of intersectionality into their research?
Use the concept of gender roles to explain the logical problems with the ‘man the hunter, woman the gatherer’ hypothesis.

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