United States’ role in the World Trade Organisation

How will the United States’ role in the World Trade Organisation impact its role in global climate change negotiations?

Description of Task
• • Goal: For their final project, students will write a fully-developed research plan on a topic of import to political science or legal studies. The research design consists of stating a research question and devising a compelling strategy to address it, grounded on suitable literature. Thus, students should include summary of theory, literature review, methods selection, a basic discussion of their research strategy, and a short comment on ethical considerations or other issues of relevance.
• • The research plan should be the result of your work during the semester, and should cover a variety of components (as discussed in class). The research design consists of stating a research question and devising a compelling strategy to address it, grounded on suitable literature. Remember that a research plan does not include executing the design. This is the most important assignment, so plan it carefully!
• • Sources: You should use at least ten (10) scholarly sources referenced throughout the paper, including at least five (5) sources for your literature review.
STRUCTURE FOR THE FINAL ESSAY: Intro; Literature Review; Theory/Argument; Research Strategy; Others
• • Intro: You should start your essay by briefly explaining the topic and research question, and very briefly
stating the central argument of your paper. This should include any modifications needed after receiving feedback on the first essay from the instructor. This may also include any modifications that result from additional analysis and reflection about your central arguments along the way (about 250 words).
• • Literature Review: The next section will include a literature review – say, about 500 words long. In this review, you will briefly identify, link and critique the main works connected to your central thesis. You should not write detailed summaries and review every single one of these pieces, but link different works with ideas in a way that you are critiquing theories and methods. Use the 2nd half of assignment #2 as a basis for this section.
• • Theory/Argument: Next, you will explain your theory in greater detail. This involves clearly stating the research question, and explaining the central hypothesis/hypotheses. A good summary of your theory may include different interrelated ideas; should make clear enough what the central concepts included in your theory mean, this is, you should engage in proper conceptualization and operationalization of the key concepts of your theory, especially the dependent and independent variables of interest. For example, if you are doing a study about the effects of drug trafficking on robbery in Melbourne, you need to specify what both drug trafficking and robbery mean in the context of your study, and briefly explain why the connection between drug trafficking and robbery makes sense (about 500 words long)
• • Research Strategy: Next, you need to explain your observation and measurement strategy. This also includes specifying to the greater possible extent how you would plan to find and systematize the data you need to test your hypotheses or discuss your arguments; select a method to analyse it, and justify your choice. For example, you may argue that your study is a qualitative study that relies on interviews or archival research, or suggest that the best course of action is a quantitative data analysis in which you will be able to observe trends between your variables of interest over time. You may distinguish between desirable methods (the most appropriate method to explore your research question and theory) versus feasible method (this is, one that you could actually afford, access and use if you were to fully develop your research). The data collection strategy plus method selection should have 500 words.
• • Other Considerations: Include a discussion of about 250 words addressing potential ethical issues you might face in your research, and mention possible solutions for such problems. Alternatively, you may provide a final paragraph, discussing the next steps of your research (if you had the time and resources).

Sample Solution