US Environmental Policy and politics

kindly read this text chapter “Salzman/Thompson, Chapter 4, “Enforcement.”

  1. And write an essay or written statement – About a full page in length (single-spaced). These essays should be typed, not hand-written. Please include your name, the date, and the name of the readings or issues you are writing about. In this short essay I want you to summarize in your own words the main issues, conflicts, ideas or one or two main impressions or ideas from the day’s reading, and include at least one or two thoughtful, well-composed questions to bring to class, prompted by your reading.
  2. These questions may be about things that were unclear to you in the reading, or questions you’d like to explore further in class discussion, or how these theoretical ideas might be applicable to real world situations. Your essay must show me that you’ve read all of the reading for that day, not just one, or the first few pages of a reading. Any plagiarism caught will be dealt with harshly, up to an automatic F for the course.
  3. Kindly follow the instructions.

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