Using Pre- and Post-Assessment Data Professional Development

Teachers gather and analyze performance data to make instructional decisions, including differentiation for individual learning needs. To assist with this, data from pre-assessment should be evaluated in conjunction with data from post-assessment, in order to more accurately assess student learning as a result of instruction.

For this assignment, create a 12-15 slide digital presentation on using results of pre- and post-assessments to inform instruction for fellow early childhood teachers. Select at least one social studies state standard for a Grade K-3 on which to focus examples in your presentation. You may use the standards and activities from other assignments in this course to inform your presentation.

Include the following in your presentation:

An overview of pre- and post-assessments
State social studies standards identified
Two pre-assessment strategies that align to the social studies standards
Two post-assessment strategies to verify and document learning of the social studies standards
Strategies for utilizing post-assessment data to inform differentiated instruction
Explanation how comparing pre-assessment data to post-assessment data can inform future instruction to promote student success
Support your presentation with 3-5 scholarly resources.

Sample Solution